Local Desktop Virtualization

Local desktop virtualization

VMware provides IT pros. developers and businesses alike with an easy way to deliver, protect and manage Windows, Linux and Mac desktops and applications on premises or in the cloud.

With more than 15 years of virtualization excellence and over 50 industry awards, VMware aims to provide the most stable and secure local desktop virtualization platform in the industry, Ensure users can work anytime, anywhere and on any device with VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion.

Fusion Features

Build for macOS High Sierra and for the latest Touch Bar enabled Macs.
Enhanced 'Metal' Graphics Engine with up to 65% better performance
Full support for the latest versions of Windows 10 including fall Creators update. Run it as a virtual machine on your Mac.
Enhanced Virtual Networking allows you to simulate packet loss and latency using software controls on guest virtual NICs and rename virtual networks for improved organization.(Pro only)

Fusion Products

  1. VMware Fusion 11.5

    The ultimate Windows on Mac experience.

    Price: £70.96
    Price: £43.96
  2. VMware Fusion 11.5 Pro

    Designed for advanced users, developers, QA, and IT.

    Price: £140.95
    Price: £105.95

VMware Fusion

Effortlessly run windows on Mac along with hundreds of other operating systems without rebooting.

Workstation Features

Support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and the latest Windows Server 2016. Guest support for Microsoft Credential Guard, Device Guard and BitLocker, Microsoft's new Virtualization Based Security features.
Added guest and host support for the most popular Linux distributions including Ubuntu 17.04, and Fedora 26. Updated to a new GTK+ 3 based UI for Linux, added more controls for remote ESXi Hosts and more.
Improved networking functions. Simulate latency as well as packet loss using software controls on guest virtual NICs and rename virtual networks for improved organization.
Workstation 14 Pro has been optimized to support Intel Kabylake CUPs with notable performance improvements by leveraging new virtualization features.

workstation Products

  1. VMware Workstation 15.5 Pro

    Leading Edge PC Virtualization.

    Price: £219.95
    Price: £131.95
  2. VMware Workstation 15.5 Player

    Streamlined PC Virtualization for Business.

    Price: £131.95
    Price: £70.96

VMware Workstation

Improve agility, productivity and security with the gold standard in local desktop visualization technology.